Ceramics Canada stocks more than 40 different clay bodies in its two warehouses. Every temperature range is in stock including specialty clay bodies for raku, woodfire and sculpture. The primary clay we sell is from Alberta’s own Plainsman Clays in Medicine Hat, but we also stock Laguna, and Seattle clays.
Many varieties of clay

Clays In Stock:

Now in Stock POLAR ICE!

Buffstone/ Terrastone/ L210 / L212/ L213/ L215
M325/ M332/ M332G/ M340/ M340S/ M350/ M370/ M390/ P300/ P380
H440/ H440G/ H441/ H443/ H550/ H555/ H570/ P580/ P600/

Amador / B-Mix 10 / B-Mix 5 /
Raku (EM548)/ Raku-K (EM345)/ WSO

Columbia White / LF06 / PaperClay


Popular Special Orders:
Clayworks:  Southern Ice (Australia)
Aardvark: Coleman Porcelain
Fairey: F-97, F-100G
Seattle: Redart, TerraCotta

As always, technical advice regarding which clay body is right for your particular needs is always readily available.